Pantheon Trailer

Pantheon, a novel of the Greek gods by Gary Devore

Watch video excerpts

Animated sections of the novel read by a professional voice actor,
each done in a different visual style

Athena Excerpt Video Athena
Former goddess of wisdom and skill

While trying to decide if she will become a goddess again, Athena receives counsel about how much it can suck to be a human.

Dionysus Excerpt Video Dionysus
Former god of wine, revelry & wild abandon

Dionysus seeks sensory experiences. After a particularly violent one in Nepal, he remembers seducing a married couple in 1930's Berlin.

Hermes Excerpt Video Hermes
Former god of commerce, luck, and thieves

As an international art thief, Hermes tries to cross the Sahara and sneak into Libya accompanied by a human he has "accidentally" kidnapped.

Hera Excerpt Video Hera
Former goddess of women and motherhood

At Christmas, Hera attempts to reconcile with her estranged son, the product of her one attempt at adopted motherhood. Things do no go well.

Hades Excerpt Video Hades
Former god of death

Hades works as an assassin for a Russian crime family. In Siberia, he is planning to betray them and seize something he has wanted for centuries.

Artemis Excerpt Video Artemis
Former goddess of the moon and the hunt

When the Greek gods decide to reclaim their worship, they begin to destroy all other religions. When demolishing the Vatican, Artemis confronts the unbelievers.

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