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PANTHEON: A Novel of the Greek and Roman Gods

The main characters of Pantheon are twelve former gods of the Greeks and Romans. They have been living on earth, powerless but immortal, since humans stopped worshiping them at the dawn of the Middle Ages.

At the start of the novel, Zeus is contacted by Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah and shown a special way in which the twelve may regain their former divine status in the modern world.

In living for fourteen centuries, the Fallen Olympians have seen, and been a part of a lot of human history. Chapters of the novel take place in the second century CE Roman Empire, Renaissance Italy, the Pandyan Dynasty of Southern India, the Toltec Empire in Mesoamerica, Viking Scandinavia, a 17th century Jamaican port overrun with pirates, Russia during Napoleon's attempted conquest, the bloody trenches of WWI, and the twilight streets of Weimar era Berlin.

The former gods have had many adventures in their long lives. The novel also explores what happens when they accept the offer to become deities again.

The Fallen Olympians Series

Pantheon is the first book of the Fallen Olympians Series

Books two (Gigantomachy) and three (Apotheosis) of the series will continue the stories of these twelve former deities.

Zeus - great god of the heavens and law and protector of strangers

Hera - great goddess of women

Athena - virgin goddess of skill, justice, and wisdom

Demeter - goddess of grain and the seasons

Hades - god of death

Poseidon - god of the sea

Aphrodite - goddess of love

Apollo - god of sunlight, poetry, and art

Artemis - virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon

Dionysus - god of wine, theater, and wild abandon

Ares - god of war

Hermes - god of commerce, luck, and thieves

Sample Videos and Sections

Video excerpts from the novel (all open in a new page):
Animated sections of the novel read by a professional voice actor, each done in a different visual style

Athena Excerpt Video Dionysus Excerpt Video
Hermes Excerpt Video Hera Excerpt Video
Hades Excerpt Video Artemis Excerpt Video

You can also read short excerpts from the novel at these links:

Zeus Teaches Poseidon the Power
Athena Solves a Mystery
Hermes Escapes the Turkish Antiquities Authority
Ares Reflects on the Value of War
Demeter and Poseidon Face Down the Israeli Army

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