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Pantheon is available in six serialized volumes or one large omnibus edition

A Novel of the Greek and Roman Gods

The main characters of Pantheon are twelve former gods of the Greeks and Romans. They have been living amongst us, powerless but immortal, since humans stopped worshiping them at the dawn of the Middle Ages.

In their fourteen centuries on earth, the Fallen Olympians have seen, and been a part of a lot of human history. Chapters of the novel take place in the second century CE Roman Empire, Renaissance Italy, the Pandyan Dynasty of Southern India, the Toltec Empire in Mesoamerica, Viking Scandinavia, a 17th century Jamaican port overrun with pirates, Russia during Napoleon's attempted conquest, the bloody trenches of WWI, and the twilight streets of Weimar era Berlin.

The former gods have had many adventures in their long lives. The novel also explores what happens when they attempt to become deities again.

Buy: Omnibus edition (containing all six volumes, 728 pages)



The first volume of Pantheon describes the origins of the gods, what happened when humans stopped believing in them, and how they came to earth.

It also explains how Zeus (former great god of the heavens and law) met the god who supplanted him (a.k.a. Yahweh/Jehovah/ Allah).

Their agreement will allow Zeus and the other former Olympians to reclaim their divine powers.

Buy: Volume I (containing part one of six, 135 pages)



In the second volume of Pantheon, two female deities- the former goddesses of women and that of wisdom- try to navigate the modern world.

Hera seeks to find a way to say goodbye to her (non-divine) son, as she faces the challenges of never having to die.

Athena teams with a Scotland Yard detective to solve a sinister murder mystery with disturbing echoes of her own immortal life.

Buy: Volume II (containing part two of six, 157 pages)



This third volume of the novel Pantheon contains three ominous stories about three elder gods.

Nature goddess Demeter is unable to adjust to an endless existence until she develops a new, secret pastime that means she will never be alone again.

The god of death, Hades, struggles to understand the one thing he absolutely cannot do: die. His quest takes him to ancient Mesoamerica, China under the Ming Dynasty, and modern-day Siberia.

And Poseidon, the great god of the sea, finds himself harassed by a nefarious human bent on his destruction. With the help of a sorceress, a nymphet, and his own reawakened godly powers he embarks on a personal odyssey for survival.

Buy: Volume III (containing part three of six, 114 pages)



The fourth volume of Pantheon is all about love and sex.

In her opulent mansion in Rome, former goddess of love Aphrodite throws a party where all of the guests eventually surrender to their hidden lusts.

Former god of the sun and poetry Apollo tumbles from century to century, seeking out a singular mortal man that he can finally love forever.

Ever guarding her heart, the virgin former goddess of the hunt Artemis plays a dangerous game for divine supremacy in the deserted streets of a snowbound Manhattan.

And finally, the mischievous former god of wine and wild abandon Dionysus plots to seduce a shy couple in 1933 Berlin and show them the wonders of carnal abandon, but things do not go according to plan.

Buy: Volume IV (containing part four of six, 154 pages)



The fifth volume of Pantheon looks at two very different immortals.

Ares, the bloodthirsty former god of war, sits down one night to tell stories about the many human wars and violent conflicts he has experienced since coming to earth. He fought with Islamic conquest soldiers, the Vikings, Napoleon's army, and in the trenches of WWI, but nothing unnerved him as much as the time he argued with a pacifist.

In his story, the former trickster god Hermes drags a hapless human across North Africa on a swashbuckling grand adventure to find a hidden treasure buried in the sands of the Sahara. They must race to a forgotten Roman ruin and avoid nefarious Germans, clandestine antiquities agents, and Libyan armed forces.

Buy: Volume V (containing part five of six, 157 pages)



In the final volume of Pantheon, Zeus convenes a meeting of all twelve former gods to debate whether or not they should reclaim their divine powers.

Their decision sets off a cascading chain of events that completely remakes the world into a paradise of prosperity and equality, a new Golden Age for humanity, with direct and immediate access to the gods.

Then everything goes wrong.

Buy: Volume VI (containing part six of six, 157 pages)


Sample Videos and Sections

Video excerpts from the novel (all open in a new page):
Animated sections of the novel read by a professional voice actor, each filmed in a different visual style

Athena Excerpt Video Dionysus Excerpt Video
Hermes Excerpt Video Hera Excerpt Video
Hades Excerpt Video Artemis Excerpt Video

You can also read short excerpts from the novel at these links:

Zeus Teaches Poseidon the Power
Athena Solves a Mystery
Hermes Escapes the Turkish Antiquities Authority
Ares Reflects on the Value of War
Demeter and Poseidon Face Down the Israeli Army


Zeus, you've got mail

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