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Gary Devore's Research Interests:

  • Roman art, culture, archaeology, and history
  • The subaltern in the Roman world
  • Roman Britain
  • The Hadrian's Wall frontier zone
  • Pompeii
  • Ancient gender and sexuality studies
  • Heritage and archaeological resource management
  • Cinema studies and the classical tradition

Vinovium: The Binchester Archaeological Project

Follow the link for more info

Gary Devore is one of the directors of the Binchester Archaeological Project.

Since 2009, an international team drawn principally from Durham University (UK) and Stanford University (US) has been excavating the Roman fort and town at Binchester.

Known to the Romans as Vinovium ("On the Wine Road"), Binchester protected Dere Street, the main road that ran from the legionary headquarters at York northwards to Hadrian's Wall. It was a key element of the complex frontier system that lay on both sides of the Wall, forming the edge of empire for nearly four hundred years. Previous excavation has so far uncovered the best-preserved Roman bath house in the UK and some of the most impressive mausolea seen on a Roman site for 150 years. Geophysical survey has revealed a large town that continued to thrive long after the empire fell.

More information about the project can be found at this link.

The Satyricon

On my blog, I have begun a running commentary on Fellini's brilliant but maddening film Satyricon. I have broken the movie down into each separate episode.

I attempt to unpack both the historical issues surrounding his portrayal of the Romans, as well as his astute exploration of our relationship with the past.

You can see all of the entries by moving from one entry to the next via links.

When I am finished, I will offer it as a print on demand and .pdf guide.

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. in Archaeology, University of Bradford
M.A. in Classics, State University of New York at Buffalo
B.A. in Archaeology, College of Wooster

Academic Postings:
Stanford University (Lecturer)
University of California at Santa Cruz (Lecturer)
University of Bradford (Instructor)
State University of New York at Buffalo (Instructor)

Collaborative Research:
Binchester Roman Fort and Town Excavations (Co-Director, 2009-2015)
Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia (Co-Director, 2005-2009)
Anglo-American Pompeii Project (Field Director, 2000-2004)

Taught Courses:
The Roman World
The History and Archaeology of the City of Rome
The Roman Republic
Greek Archaeology
The Roman Emperors and Their World
The Romans in Britain
Roman Archaeology
Roman History: An Introduction
The Romans in Film
Ancient Empires I [Mesopotamia-Greece]
Ancient Empires II [Rome]
Sex: Its Pleasures and Cultures
World Archaeology and Global Heritage
Explanation in Archaeology
World Civilizations

Recent Publications and Presentations

"The Re-Discovery and Excavation of Pompeii and Herculaneum". Pompeii & Herculaneum: Rediscovering Roman Art & Culture. Humanities West Conference.

"The Ancient Roman World in Film". The Commonwealth Club of California.

"Edges of Empire- the new excavations at Binchester Roman town, UK" (with Shanks, M.). Electrum Magazine.

"Life Among The Plebs: The Archaeology of a Lower Class Neighborhood in Pompeii". UCSC Society of the Archaeological Institute of America.

"The Binchester Virtual Worlds Program: Using Emergent Technologies to Communicate Archaeological Research". Stanford Archaeology Research Workshop, Stanford, CA.

"The Value of Ruins: Towards a Significance Model for Large, Complex Roman Archaeological Monuments". Critical Roman Archaeology Conference, Stanford, CA.

"Digging the Non-Elite House: New Evidence from Pompeii". California Classical Association (Northern Section) Spring Conference, Stanford, CA.

"Plebs versus the City: The Competition for Space between Public and Private Interests at Pompeii". American Philological Association/American Institute of Archaeology Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

"New excavations near the Porta Stabia at Pompeii, VIII.7.1-15". Nuove ricerche archeologiche nell'area vesuviana, Palazzo Venezia, Sala del Mappamondo, Rome, Italy.

"Erotic Rome". Review of John R. Clarke's Roman Sex. Archaeology Magazine.


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Binchester Blog
Binchester Research Project
Fellini's Satyricon

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